Resolve Any AOL Mail Problem With AOL Support Professionals

Going through a tough time with your AOL Mail account? As an AOL user, I’ve also gone through a lot of trouble using AOL mail which led to the devising of numerous tricks to solve the issue on my own. Go through the article for the best tricks to resolve the AOL Mail Problem.

Before getting your hands on the solutions, let’s take a look at what are the issues you may have with AOL mail.

Common AOL Mail Problems

  • Showing error message: ‘Mailbox is temporarily unavailable’
  • Unable to send and receive emails in AOL
  • ‘Can’t take backup of e-mail data or having problems in restoring’ AOL Mail Problem
  • AOL Mail Problem ‘Sent folder or outbox contents such emails that I’ve not sent’
  • Unable to install AOL Desktop

There can be other errors too. I have given some easy solutions to solve the issue. Go through the article and make things easy for you.

AOL Mail problems

‘Sent folder or outbox contains such emails that I’ve not sent’

Having the same problem as mentioned above? Are your contacts getting emails and files from your user ID that you have not sent?

If this is your situation, your email account might get hacked. In simple terms, it is being accessed by someone else. The situation needs serious attention. Check for the following things to be assured that your account is hacked:

  • The contacts in your address book are completely deleted and there are new contacts which you did not add
  • Your mail inbox is full of the MAILER-DAEMON rejection for messages you have not sent

Try to change the password and security question of your account to solve this AOL Mail Problem. Review your signature and your display name.

Showing error message: ‘Mailbox is temporarily unavailable’- Easy Fixes

This is very common with most of the AOL users. Since AOL Mail offers some superb features that too being free of cost, they have a large user base. So, during peak internet activity hours you may have to face this issue.

Basically, you can try to use the email services early in the morning or late in the day to avoid this kind of error. In those times you can expect better services.

Although you can contact AOL Customer Support to get some special tricks to solve this problem. All you have to do is go to AOL Customer Support and start a conversation with the chat assistants available there.

Unable to Install AOL Desktop

If your computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirement you will not be able to install the app on your PC. Just check the system requirement and follow the tricks I’ve provided here to get AOL Desktop installed.

AOL Desktop

The latest version of AOL Desktop gold is not compatible with Microsoft Windows version earlier than Windows 7. Check the other requirements here

  • A workable internet connection
  • 266 MHz or faster processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 512 MB free Hard Disk Space
  • 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution

If your PC meets the minimum system requirements and still you are facing problems installing AOL, then try the following things

  • Clear your internal memory (RAM)
  • Restart your computer and try to install it again

Still not being able to install the app? Call at the toll-free helpline number of AOL Support and get help from proficient technicians and engineers.

Unable to Send or Receive Email AOL Mail Problem- Fix

I know how much frustrating this is. Since email is one of the most important ways to communicate with people. If we are not being able to send emails using your AOL account it somehow becomes impossible to interact with the people we work with hampering our daily work.

Follow the Things mentioned below:

  • Try to access your email account with another browser and try to send emails to your desired contacts
  • Next thing you can try is verifying the spam settings. In some cases, your mail controls settings can restrict you from sending or receiving email
  • Disable the pop-up blocking software installed on your PC

It will be best to get assistance from the experts to resolve the issue. Call at the toll-free number: 
of AOL Tech Support and get the most sorted, time-effective solution.

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