Change Mobile Number in Yahoo Mail Without Login – Easy To Follow Guide From Us

Yahoo has been a pioneer in the email industry. It’s one of the oldest email service providers in the world and has been at the forefront of innovation for years. Yahoo supports two-factor verification for authorization of accounts. That requires password along with the code sent to mobile for verification. Due to mobile number modification or other several reasons, login fails and are locked out of their account. So if you want to change mobile number in yahoo mail without login, follow this guide or get in touch with our experts at Yahoo Support Number.

What Is a Two-Factor Authentication

Basically, it works as a gateway to your personal email account. A second way to authorize your Yahoo Mail account, along with the password. This feature is introduced to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Although, there are other ways to authorize like secondary email account or some hardware device. However, with the invention of two-factor authentication account security reaches up to the next level. So, users provide their mobile numbers as the second way to authorize account access.

Also due to accidental circumstances, mobile numbers get lost. Hence, you can’t log in to your Yahoo account without the registered phone number. So here we would be addressing how to change mobile number in yahoo mail without login.

Change Mobile Number in Yahoo Mail


Easy Guide to Change Mobile Number in Yahoo Mail Without Login:

  • Go to Yahoo home page and look for Yahoo mail icon. Click on Yahoo mail, it will redirect you to the login page. Now enter your email id and password. Next, click on sign in.
  • Next, the page will ask for a code which has been sent to your mobile phone. Since you don’t have your mobile phone, you can’t access the numerical code. There is another way ‘sign in using other options’. Click on it and it will redirect you to a recovery help center page.
  • Here you will have three options to authorize your account: a) enter backup codes b) use recovery email id c) provide government identity proof d) answer security questions e) contact yahoo administrator.
  • Now you can choose any of the suitable options for you. If you had taken backup code earlier, enter that code. Otherwise, use your recovery email id which you had provided during account setup. A code will be sent to your recovery email id. There are also options to provide government identity proof which Yahoo Mail will examine and then authorize your access.
  • Alternatively, you can answer a few security questions that you had set during your account set up and it will let you change your mobile number. You can also request Yahoo administrator providing all the details as to why you want to change mobile number in yahoo mail without login. The Administrator will scrutinize your request and will let you change the mobile number.
  • Once you have provided the code, click on submit. It will take you to the security center where it will ask you to review all your recovery options. From there, you can change your mobile number and the new mobile number will be updated instantly.

Get Help From Us

If you are not able to change mobile number in yahoo mail without login then we can help you find the solution. Our team is well acquainted with Yahoo Mail and its recovery process. If you want our help, call us at our toll-free number: +1-800-360-2087 or drop an email at Our support team for Yahoo Mail will immediately get in touch with you and guide you through the steps in no time. We promise to respond back to you in just a flicker of time.

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