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Gmail is part and parcel of Google’s email service. With its impeccable security policies and features, it is able to grab the higher rank in the global market. Perhaps due to this reasons, users consider switching to Gmail from AOL mail. In case you stumble upon the procedure, this article might help you execute the procedure with ease. So, here we are addressing the procedure for how to forward AOL mail to Gmail. Our AOL Tech Support experts are also available to help you with any issue.

Forward AOL mail to Gmail

To have all your messages stored in one place, you can choose to automatically forward all your email from AOL to another service provider. However, AOL does not allow you to implement this feature immediately. But you can use simple tricks to set up a Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo account to retrieve messages from your AOL account. You can also use these settings to backup your mail, so that, you can access them later.

In addition, setting up a continual account, help you to store the new AOL mail in the Google Apps account. Alongside, you must remember to leave your AOL account active during the shifting period. By configuring Gmail account settings, you can initiate this process.

Forward AOL Mail To Gmail

How To Forward AOL Mail To Gmail – Simple Steps

To carry out the process promptly and securely, you need to follow the mentioned steps. You need to make sure to proceed accordingly, without skipping any steps in between, as it may result in massive potential failure.

Step 1

First, you need to hit on the gear icon, on the top right corner of the Gmail. After this, you have to select the “Settings” tab to initiate the settings option for your email account.

Step 2

Now, select the “Accounts” tab and clicking on it. This step will lead you to a new tab, where you need to select “Add A POP3 Mail Account You Own”. Now, you can carry out the entire process by using POP3.

Step 3

Finally, you have to fill up the blank space in the AOL text box. There you need to enter your full AOL email address and hit “Next Step”. This will initiate the process and carry it to the next step.

Step 4

To synchronize all your email messages to your Gmail, choose the settings for it.

If you want to retain a confined copy on the Google server, for all your emails, you need to make the necessary changes. This will allow you to access the email from other devices as well. Select the checkbox “Leave A Copy Of Retrieved Messages On The Server” as well as the one “Always Use A Secure Connection When Retrieving Mail.”

This will ensure that you are able to download all your emails securely.

Step 5

lastly, you need to select “Add Account” to add your preferred AOL account to Gmail. You will find that all your emails are getting automatically forward all your future email to your desired location.

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