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Gmail is the most essential part of everyone’s life. What if due to any reason you face Gmail Not Working issue? This is the time you need to take rapid action as it may impact on your work momentum. We have received a lot of complaining regarding Gmail not working. So, I would be addressing the problem today.

But in order to do so, it is important to understand if the problem is with only one device or the other devices as well. To verify the matter you need to try login to your Gmail account using a different device. If you able to log in to the Gmail account then it means that the problem is with your device.

There are a number of reasons that might prevent the Gmail server to respond. In that case, Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

Gmail not Working

How To Resolve to Gmail Not Working Issues?

A Corrupted Browser May Cause This Issue

If the browser you are using to access Gmail account is at fault then you will surely face some problem. You can try to access your Gmail account using a different browser. If you can access the account then it is a clear indication that your browser is corrupted.

No need to worry about that, you can fix the issue by simply clearing out the browser data. You can do that by going to the browser setting option and then go to the advanced settings and find the browser cookies and caches option.

Disable Third-Party Antivirus Protection

In most of the cases, security programmes are the main reason for causing this issue. Antivirus programmes are important for keeping the system safe from the online threats.

But sometimes it creates problems while trying to make a connection to the server. The third-party security software sometimes blocks the permission of the server.

In order to prevent that, you can try disabling the antivirus software on a temporary basis and then try to log in to the account. If you able to access your Gmail account then it means your antivirus software is at fault.

DNS Server Settings

This could be another reason if your Gmail account is not working. Domain Name System helps to create a connection between the server and the site you are trying to visit. Any change in the setting will create problems loading pages or even Gmail Not Working issues.

In that case, you need to reconfigure the settings in the DNS server settings. You can access the settings from windows directory file. Or even from the command prompt option.

Final Thought

So, these are the possible fixes you can try to resolve Gmail Not Working issues. In case you face any difficulties to perform the activity, you can seek professional help from our Gmail Support Team. You can reach out to our experts and get it done in a just a flicker of time. Our Gmail Support Number: +1-866-309-6102 is available 24×7.

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