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An email signature is a text attached to the end of an outgoing email as a footer. That may include your name, your company’s name, phone number or other essential information. It is an advertising approach. Here, we will give you the complete guide to creating, moving and changing a Gmail signature. By the end of this article, you will be aware of all the essentials for Gmail Signature and How To Change Signature In Gmail or you can reach our Gmail Support and take their help for any issues.

First Things First

Gmail allows you to set a signature on the email, so that, you can advertise yourself or your company. However, in case you select Plain Text mode in the Gmail message composer, the signature won’t display in the mail body. It is mandatory to disable Plain Text mode to be able to use signatures in Gmail.

Create A Gmail Signature

To set up a signature in Gmail, click on the settings gear button and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu > stay on the “General” tab and scroll down to the “Signature” section > select the option next to “No Signature” to enable signature > enter your signature on the box below (name, logo, image, hyperlink)

Create A Gmail Signature


You can add Hyperlinks to your texts as well.  Select the line on the signature and click the “Link” button from the toolbar. You can add an image to your signature, but you need to use an image that’s available publicly on the web. You need a web URL to include a picture in your signature. Otherwise, you can use sites like Blogger and Google Sites to create a simple website and upload your image to it. Or, you can use an image hosting service.

Under “Link to” specify whether the link is to a “Web address” or an “Email address” > enter the URL or email address to which your signature will be linked in the  “To what URL should this link go?” box > click on the “Test this link” option to test if the link works > click “OK”.

What’s more; Gmail automatically adds two dashes (-) above the signature to separate it from the body of the mail. You can choose to go without the dashes. For that: select the “Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the ‘–‘ line that precedes it” checkbox.

Note: Selecting the “Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the ‘–‘ line that precedes it” checkbox will also insert your signature before quoted text in replies.

To finish the process successfully, click ” Save Changes.”

Set Up Email Signature In Gmail Mobile

Setting the signature in Gmail mobile is separate from that of setting Gmail signature in a browser.

To add a signature in the Gmail app on an Android phone, click on the Gmail App’s menu button > select the address for which you want to set up your signature > touch the “Signature” option on the “Settings” screen > enter the signature on the popup box and tap on “OK.”

Gmail will automatically append your signature to any emails you compose on Gmail.

How To Change Signature In Gmail?

Basically, changing and creating a signature involves the same procedure. Undoubtedly, the editor gives you quite a few editing options for your signature viz. font face, font size, hyperlinks, images, alignment, etc.

To add an image to your signature, click the Insert Image button > click on the image to select from the subsequent dialog > you can now change the position by dragging and dropping the image.

To add a hyperlink to an image or text, highlight it and click the Link button > enter the URL in the resultant Edit Link dialog box and click OK.

Finally, you will have to save the changes by clicking Save Changes. However, in order to create an email signature, you must disable the Plain Text mode from the option. As mentioned above.

So now you know how to Change Signature in Gmail?

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