How To Recover Gmail Account – Quick Reliable Solution From Experts

Google is a remarking platform because of its safety and security concern for the users. Among other excellent features, account recovery facility is the most praises one. The account recovery or password recovery of Google would be a doodle with proper provision of security information while registering. However, there are a couple of alternative ways to recover your Gmail account. Know how to recover Gmail account with our Gmail Support is also available 24×7 to resolve all your queries.

How To Recover Gmail Account Using Google’s Account Recovery Page

Using Gmail Address

It is the first thing that you ought to try. Go to Google’s Account Recovery page and choose the option “I don’t know my password” option and enter your Gmail Address > click on Continue.

Also, if you had linked your Google account to a phone number, you can also request a verification code to your registered number. Answering security question could also be a good way to recover your Gmail account. All you need to do, answer the questions and Verify Your Identity.

Recover Gmail Account

A Hack

In case you forgot your Gmail address and haven’ set up any recovery information like mobile number and security questions, you may find your username in your web browser history (considering that you have recently opened your Gmail account in your Web browser). Hunt your web browser history for your Gmail address. Search for Inbox or Gmail. Finding it should reveal your username. The first part of your Gmail ID before the @ character is your username.

Answer Security Questions

How to recover Gmail account if you don’t have access to your recovery email or phone? Yes, there are ways to do it. Google asks you to verify your identity manually in situations as such.

Open Google Account recovery page > enter your email address and click Continue > select I don’t know for password and click Verify your identity option.

You need to answer all the questions accurately, meaning, you have to put the answers exactly like how you have set them up at the time of registration.

Use Work Google Account/ G Suite/ Google Apps

To reestablish a access to a google account is very easy with a Work Google account/ G Suite/ Google Apps. There’s nothing much to do from your end. All that is required, contact the domain administrator to reset the password and retrieve your account.

Tip: Protect Your Data

Now you know how to recover Gmail account easily. To put it simply, now you know that never losing any data is the best method for Gmail account recovery. Due to the huge number of data usage and transmission, on your device, accidental data loss might happen. Therefore, it would always be wise to protect your data beforehand. There are a lot of recovery apps out there in the app market that offers protection to your password manager files.

Additionally, you can also call our Gmail Support Helpline for further assistance on data recovery and data protection. Our experts are experienced enough and updated with recent bugs. So, be it any issues we are sure to resolve in just a flicker of time. Our Support for Gmail provides you with information that will help you take care of the device.

Get In Touch With Our Support Service For Gmail

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